Founded: 2010
Services: SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube, Vine
Methods: Private Network, Social Media Marketing
Price: $12 and up
Rank: #1

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Devumi – Our Review in a nutshell

Devumi (Old Logo)

Devumi is a popular online company focused on Social Media Marketing. They offer a variety of services to boost social media presence and reputation, including a service used by thousands of musicians and artists worldwide – Buy SoundCloud Plays.
We tested Devumi’s SoundCloud service and to be blunt, we were very pleased. Their service guarantees to deliver up to 100,000+ SoundCloud Plays, Likes, Comments and Reposts within a few days, and it works. We ordered several of their packages (small and large) and they over-delivered every time within schedule and even helps spark social media attention. Customer support always responds very quickly to questions, and their service is discrete and backed by their 100% Money-Back Guarantee. This is why we’ve rated Devumi our #1 SoundCloud Provider

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Devumi’s SoundCloud Service

We see companies selling SoundCloud Plays everywhere, but few places can compare to the quality of Devumi’s service. From the dozens of providers we’ve tested, they offered and showed the best service and highest Return-on-Investment of any provider. But don’t take our word for it – the results speak for themselves.

SoundCloud-Devumi Case Study

We ordered 100k SoundCloud Plays from Devumi for a DJ. Within a week, the track jumped from 1,437 plays to over 106,000! We were impressed so we decided to go all in – We ordered another 100k Plays, in addition to likes, comments and reposts (the extras) – The results really spoke for themselves. Our track blew up and was even featured on the homepage for a few hours, which got the track over 750,000 plays in just 12 days.

The DJ we ordered for was local and didn’t have a large following until we tested the service on his track. This isn’t always the case, but really showed us the potential of this service.
In our other tests of Devumi’s service, the results were as expected. We ordered 5,000 Plays (No Add-Ons) for a Rock Band, and they received 7,036 plays, 24 likes and 8 comments within 3 days. The 50k plays package (plus 100 Likes) was ordered for a R&B Singer, and pushed her up 61k plays, 140 likes, 17 comments and 11 reposts within a week. Nothing disappointing here.

Tip: The Add-Ons seem to really help push a video further – The offer extra Likes, Comments and Reposts. They cost extra but are worth it.


Service Pricing

Surprisingly, Devumi offers one of the cheapest prices around. They offer 4 different plans based on the number of views you want: from 5,000 to 100,000 (though, you can order more if you contact them). Pricing is One-Time, you can order multiple times for the same Track or split plays for different track within the same order. They offer multiple payment methods, including Credit Card and PayPal.


SoundCloud Play Prices
5,000 Plays – $12
10,000 Plays – $24
50,000 Plays – $64
100,000 Plays – $97
500,000 Plays – $499
1,000,000 Plays – $997
What does it include?
✔ Real SoundCloud Plays
✔ Optional Likes, Comments & Reposts
✔ Superb Customer Support
✔ Completely Anonymous
✔ 100% Money-Back Guarantee


Customer Support

Customer Support

We contacted Devumi’s Customer Support twice and they got back to us within 2 hours on both occasions. Once to find out when the order would start (it started after a day) and the other instance was to find our their maximum number of plays they could deliver – over 1 Million within a few weeks. Devumi offers two types of Support:

1. Email Support (Recommended) – We found email to best method to contact either their sales or technical team for support, because it’s much more organized, you can keep everything on record and their response time is usually within a few hours. They can also address more complicated issues or questions in detail through email.
2. Live Chat – This is great if you have a quick question about their service. However, their Live Chat is only available 12 hours a day.

Unfortunately, Devumi does not offer Phone Support at the moment which is expected. Other companies we tested either didn’t offer it either, or didn’t answer if they did.

Red Policy icon

Important Policies

Money-Back Guarantee – Best in the Industry!
Devumi offers a 100%, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee on all of their services. While we have not needed to request a refund, we have received positive feedback from users who have, with no issues (usually receiving a refund within 3 – 5 days).
Anonymity & Discreteness – Top Of Its Class!
Devumi claims to provide a completely anonymous and discrete service, and it stands by that. We’ve ordered for multiple videos and clients, and we’ve never had any issue. Views are organic, and comments are always relevant and engaging. Beyond that, a Spokesperson from Devumi clarified their “Anonymity” policy:

“Our service and results is 100% organic – all we’re doing to helping videos reach their audience more effectively through proven marketing techniques. Nonetheless, we make our customers privacy a top priority and never disclose any personal information. Everything is under lock and key, and customers are free to request removal of all their information from our servers.”



Highly Recommended Devumi’s SoundCloud Service showed us that we could increase a songs exposure and stats quickly, without sacrificing quality. We receives real plays and some of our tracks became semi-viral within a short period of time, with a small investment. Their pricing is reasonable, starting at $10 for 5,000 plays and jumping up to $97 for 100k plays. Customer support is reliable and their policies are definitely on the customers side, with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee and anonymous policy.

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