Founded: 2013
Services: SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, etc
Methods: Private Network & Social Media
Price: $6 and up
Rank: #4

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SocialFormulae – Our Review in a nutshell

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SocialFormulae (formally “SocialFormula” without the “e” at the end) is an online company that offers services across several social media platforms, including SoundCloud. In addition to “Buy Plays,” they also offer the options to buy downloads, followers, likes, comments, and reposts. Various packages are also available which bundle these services together.

They have “Buy Plays” packages starting at $6 for 500 plays, up to $400 for 100,000 plays. This puts them on the higher end of the providers that we’ve tested as far as price. As far as delivery time, they’re a bit slower than average, promising 5,000 plays in 5 to 7 days. SocialFormulae does provides a good Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy (both short and simple), which promises a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, as well as strict privacy and anonymity to customers. Very impressive policies that we particularly liked.

Overall, SocialFormulae offers a similar service to what we’ve found others to provide. They are more expensive than more providers, but they also offer great policies for customers. Currently ranked our #4 Top Provider, we’d recommend them for most.

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Service Pricing

For sure, SocialFormulae offers fair prices. There are 5 different plans from 1,000 to 50,000 plays. All payments are made through PayPal.

SoundCloud-Devumi Case Study

As you can plainly see, their prices are definitely on the high side, almost three times as much as Devumi (Read their Review) or BuildMyPlays (and their review).


SoundCloud Play Prices
500 Plays – $6
1,000 Plays – $9
2,500 Plays – $20
5,000 Plays – $30
10,000 Plays – $50
20,000 Plays – $90
50,000 Plays – $200
100,000 Plays – $400
What does it include?
✔ Real SoundCloud Plays
✔ Optional Likes, Comments & Reposts
✔ Superb Customer Support
✔ Completely Anonymous


Customer Support

Customer Support

SocialFormulae provides only an email form on their “Contact Us” page. We wrote them an email to ask a few questions, and they answered the following day. The signature of the person who replied said that they worked for “C-Stream Media,” so apparently their Customer Service is being outsourced.

One other thing that we noticed is that their website ran extremely slow during our testing, and several of the pages were “not available” or led to a 404 error. It makes us wonder if there is a live person operating the site, or if it’s been completely turned over to automation/outsourcing.

Red Policy icon

Important Policies

Money-Back Guarantee – Only if an error was made
On the footer of every page are links to their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies. They promise to protect your identity and not to share your information with others, and all the other standard language.

They don’t really advertise any sort of money back guarantee, but within the Term and Conditions there is a sentence that reads, “We provide 100 percent money-back on our services if there are failures and errors that happened within the time frame of generating and delivering the services. For you to get the refund, you must follow strict rules. Remember that we will not refund anyone after the order has been completed and you must also have a valid reason for asking a refund.”

In other words, they’ll refund your money only if an error was made, and NOT if you’re merely unsatisfied.


Even though SocialFormulae seems to have rebranded itself recently, it’s a legitimate website offering various SoundCloud services. They are safe and secure enough, although it would be nice if were easier to understand exactly who they are.
However, their prices are unnecessarily high for a company that delivers average service. Given that there are other providers on our top five list that offer a similar or better service at a lower price… AND with more personal customer support. Overall, we’d recommend SocialFormulae, but we still wouldn’t call them the best option.

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